Tuesday, September 3, 2013

History Task

The Instructions!

1.      Please copy this questions to your blog
2.      Then, answer it!
3.      Next, give label on your blog with “Tugas Sejarah” and SMP DEK” (get the label on the right corner)
4.      This will be no more than Monday, September 9, 2013
5.      Give some references for your work


1)     Give a brief explanations about their policy and invention for each oh them:

  • Herman William Daendels
  • Thomas Stamford Raffles
  •  Van Den Bosch
  •  Multatuli
  • Conrad Theodore van Deventer
  • Van der Cappellen
  • Willem Janssen

2)     Use picture in your explanations!

3)     Have to use English

PS : This will be your English score too!!!

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